Doing studies and research projects on civil, earthquake, architectural engineering, crisis management, urban and rural studies and planning, management and etc. by our senior research team


Some Recent Research Projects :

- Research project on Tuned Mass Dampers   

- Research project on dynamic analysis of Ab-Niru building 

- Research project on investigation of optimized structural system ( construction price VS strength )

- New static and dynamic analysis for Masjed-e-Soleyman dam

- Revision and evaluation of Esfahan general urban planning - Iran

- Rural planning of Agchari village

- Earthquake Hazard evaluation of Iran country for determining a factor of safety

Papers : (Download below)

Golara, A. (2014) "Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of interconnected infrastructure: a case of Iranian high-pressure gas supply system." Natural Hazards, Vol (71), doi: 10.1007/s11069-014-1087-6


Golara, A., and H. Hamzehloo (2006) "Strong ground motion modeling for the 2004 Firozabad-Kojoor earthquake, north of Iran." In First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (a joint event of the 13th ECEE & 30th General Assembly of the ESC) Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 3-8

Golara A, Jazany RA (2013) "An improvement on the use of empirical green functions for ground motion synthesis to predict Tehran’s main earthquake." Sci Res Essays 8(19):731–753. doi:10.5897/SRE12.407

R. Ahmady Jazany and A. Golara (2013) "Modeling of PZ in accordance to the type of Connections in SMRF." International Journal of Earth Sciences & Engineering" ISSN 0974-5904. Volume 06, No. 05, October 2013, P.P. 923-939

Kayhani H, Golara A, and Jazany RA (2010) "COMPARISON OF MODAL PUSHOVER ANALYSIS AND NONLINEAR TIME HISTORY ANALYSIS USING PRECEDENCE LIST RECORD SELECTION METHOD." In the First Makassar International Conference on Civil Engineering (MICCE2010-No SCE 67) ISBN 978-602-95227-0-9


R. Ahmady Jazany, A. Golara, H. Kayhani, "Effect of Continuity Plate Arrangement on Seismic Behavior of Panel Zone With Unequal Beam Depth For Interior Column in SMRFS",  in Proc. 9th US and 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2010.


Hedayat Omidvar "Investment opportunities in Iran Natural Gas Industry"


Hedayat Omidvar "Latest developments in the Iranian gas industry"


Hedayat Omidvar "Natural Gas Industry in Iran"


Hedayat Omidvar "Prospect of Iran Natural Gas Export Projects"